Center for Translational Plant Sciences

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Building Plant Sciences

To keep Missouri´s status in plant production at the highest level, additional research and development is needed to address the challenges facing today´s producers. These challenges include drought management and the use of more efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Feeding the Billions

Improving the sustainable production of food is a complex problem requiring the integration of scientific, technological, environmental, social and economic factors. The critical research and development necessary can be achieved only by a highly educated workforce dedicated to advancing all the dimensions of plant sciences. It is vital to bring this workforce together in one collaborative facility.

Building at a Glance


  • Five-story building including rooftop greenhouses and plant growth facilities
  • 133,500 gross ft2 of new space
  • 45,650 gross ft2 of renovated space


The estimated total project cost is $74 million in 2013 dollars.


The new facility will replace the existing single-story Agriculture Lab Building attached to the northeast corner of the Agriculture Science Building (ASB). Additionally, there will be renovations to the lower and top floors of the adjoining ASB.

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First floor: Classrooms and academic laboratories, DPS administration, and student services with common areas and offices.

Second, third, and fourth floors: Research laboratories, faculty offices and collaborative spaces.

Fifth floor: Greenhouses and mechanical building services.

Basement floor: Specialized teaching, research and extension support facilities that require minimal traffic, isolation and special environments.

Connecting element between the wings: A central zone in which laboratory and non-laboratory functions will be grouped for informal and formal collaborations and interactions.